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Hi, thank you for showing interest in the contest.
The KesariyaNFT contest has ended, and the winners has been announced, Please check  out the winners on our discord channel

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Brahmastra is this year's most awaited movie, releasing on 9th September 2022, and we are collaborating to bring a bit of Metaverse to the Astraverse.

Here's what you need to do in this contest:

Step 1

Sign up and create a wallet on Autonomy.

Step 2

Participate and perform four challenges listed in the app.

Step 3

Share all reels on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter with hashtag #KesariyaNFT.

Any five participants who finish all the challenges will win the chance to get their reels promoted by the movie stars.

But that's not all; completing each level will earn you an NFT ticket to the merchandise, movie show, and more.

The contest will run from 1st September to 16th September 2022. We'll announce the winners on 18th September 2022.

Click 'Sign Up' to learn more about the contest rules and challenges.


When is the event?


The event will commence on 1st September 2022 and end on 16th September 2022.

How can I participate?


To Participate, users need to follow the below steps:

Step 1: Sign-up and create your autonomy wallet here (

Step 2: Once the competition starts, log in to your account and visit the Earn page to enroll yourself in the contest.

How can I win?


There are four NFT categories, each with its own qualifying criteria:

Prime: Given to participants who participate or complete the first challenge.

Classic: Given to participants who've performed the second challenge of the contest.

Elite: Awarded to the participants who've performed and won the third challenge of the contest.

Exclusive: Awarded to participants who’ve shared the posts and links on social media and have good social engagement. Winners should hold Prime, Classic, and Elite NFTs to be eligible for Exclusive NFT.

What are the different prizes and benefits one can win in this event?


Prizes include Kesariya-aligned NFTs, exclusive merchandise, AUT tokens, a golden chance to cross-promotion by the movie stars, and more.

When and where will the results be announced?


The results will be announced on Autonomy's discord, social media, and website on the 18th of September. We will be notifying each participating winner personally via DMs or emails

Where can I see my progress & placement in the event?


Users can see their progress in the leaderboard section on the Kesariya campaign page.