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  • Creators


    Creators are the digital native businesses of the current era. If you are a creator looking to drive revenue through new channels, launch tokens to engage your fans and create an inclusive creator economy on Web 3.0 - then join us!

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  • Fans


    Help build and support your favourite content creators! Earn AUT by participating in creator contests and play to earn social games . The more you engage and contribute to grow the Autonomy ecosystem the more you can be rewarded.  

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  • Validators


    Validators of Autochain run full nodes, commit new blocks and participate in governance of the blockchain. Autonomy allows any participant in the network to signal their intent to become a validator and contribute to the growth of the network. Apply to become a validator and help us secure Autochain! 

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Autonomy is a decentralized network built for creators and their communities. We believe in creating an equitable world which rewards both creators and their fans. 

We are building a new future - one in which creators can build and utilize social tokens and NFTs to help grow their communities. A future where their fans can help to support and share in the success of their favorite creators. 

Social tokens are a type of utility token that are based around the creator, community or brand. They allow for the opportunity to monetize communities across existing channels and to create an unparalleled fan experience. By owning a part of the creation, fans can access private content, vote to influence upcoming content from creators and share benefits from their growth. 

We believe that the SocialFi movement is a fusion of creators, fans, social networks, web 3.0 and finance that provides more equitable rewards to the community by tokenizing creations, content and social influence. 

Autonomy’s technology is putting power in the hands of content creators like never before. We believe that this can be a new golden age in content creation, where creators are paid equitably, fans are intimately connected and creativity gets the respect it deserves.

Our Focus
  • Focus
    No code Token creation 
  • Focus
    Web 3.0 
  • Focus
Our Product

Autonomy’s full stack and no code approach on a native chain abstracts the complexity of blockchain to users.

Our suite of products on a superapp provide a seamless user experience along with a one-stop shop for all essential services for creators and fans. 

Non custodial wallet for users to hold social tokens and NFTs 
No code token minting infrastructure
Social token launchpad for crowdfunding 
Marketplace for creator NFTs
Decentralized exchange for social tokens 
Built on the Cosmos SDK and Tendermint consensus 
  • Staking

    Staking on Autonomy helps us secure the network and bootstrap liquidity into various creator economies built on top of the network. Various gamified staking incentive mechanisms enable long term supporters of the network to earn more skin in the game for contributing to the growth of the Autonomy ecosystem

  • Governance

    Autonomy token holders can earn rewards to participate in the decision making of the network. This feature of AUT token allows us to implement progressive decentralization of the network and build Autonomy as a community operated network as we scale our token holders

  • Medium of Exchange
    Medium of exchange

    AUT token serves as the economic bridge between all social tokens and Non Fungible Tokens built by creators using Autonomy. It also serves as a native currency across the ecosystem and contribute to the economic growth of creative economies on Autonomy

AUT token



Already Achieved
  • AutoChain Testnet v1
  • Blockchain Explorer v1
  • Core team and engineers onboarded 
  • Website v1
  • AutoWallet integration
  • AutoMint Integration
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Phase 1
  • Autonomy comes out of stealth
  • Autonomy light paper release
  • Autolaunch integration 
  • AutoDEX integration
  • AutoNFT integration 
  • Private sale
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Phase 2
  • Whitepaper release
  • Incentivized Autochain Testnet 
  • Autoexplorer v2
  • Autonomy super app MVP
  • Token audit
  • Public sale
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Phase 3
  • Validator onboarding 
  • Early creator product access 
  • Fellowship and Ambassador programs 
  • Community accelerator
  • AutoDAO integration
  • Initial exchange listings 
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Phase 4
  • AutoBridge 
  • Interoperability with other protocols
  • Autonomy super app V2 
  • Autochain Main net launch 
  • Extend ecosystem partnerships 
  • Autonomy DAO roadmap
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